New - Dzhigitovka courses  We are the only centre in the UK offering this amazing skill-set as we are honoured to be affiliated to the International Equestrian Dzhigitovka Federation - I.E.D.F in Russia.  We sit on the committee to represent the U.K and also train and compete at The World Dzhigitovka Championships each year. We hold teaching qualifications in this skill by the I.E.D.F - Moscow.  The British Dzhigitovka team train here at the centre and now we are able to offer these unique skills to students.  Dzhigitovka consists of both weapons skills and also Cossack Trick Riding skills following the international rules.   We have also set up The British Equestrian Dzhigitovka and Trick Riding Association - BEDTRA.   

Russian Cossack weapons Skills on Horseback 
The weapons sections consists of 5 different weapons all used from a galloping horse - Cossack lance, pistol, throwing knives, Russian Shashka sword and Horse Archery. 
We are timed in competition and accuracy and correct technique is everything! 
We offer 1, 2 or 3 day courses in Dzhigitovka covering all weapons and optional Trick Riding sections. 
Learning from the ground first to throw a knife, cut water bottles in half, use the lance with its spins and various grips to hit targets and collect rings, shoot the gun at balloons and shoot a horsebow we then move onto the horses with step by step safe progression throughout course. 
The Cossack Trick Riding section is an optional half day course usually offered on the 2 or 3 day courses only. 
We run courses for groups of max 10 and min 5. 
You must be a confident and capable rider to attend this course as you will be required to stand up in your stirrups when using the weapons and have good awareness of the horses. 
One day course - looking at max 2 weapons - £175 
Two day courses - £325.00 - working with 4 weapons skills  
Three day courses -£450.00 - working with all weapons and Trick Riding  

  Trick Riding skills  

We teach true Russian Cossack Trick Riding techniques following the committee rules. 
Tricks are divided into categories from level 1-4 on degree of difficulty. 
We gain more points for the higher level trick, we are judged with scores out of 10 for our straight legs, pointed toes and height of trick, we are marked down for the trick being performed incorrectly.