FULL DAY HORSEBACK ARCHERY COURSE £185 per person (all equipment is included in this price) 10.30am - 4.30pm Scroll down for course dates.  

A full day course to really get to grips with the skill of Horseback Archery!  
Your day starts with a safety briefing and introduction to the history of Horseback Archery and its now growth into a fast paced and exciting modern day sport with worldwide competitions and rules. You will then be matched up with equipment and headed out for your first ground archery session on our range, learning to shoot a horsebow in the traditional style - the thumb draw, blind nocking, nocking on the move, speed nocking and loosing.  
Then it’s off to meet our selection of highly trained and experienced warhorses where you will be matched up to a suitable horse for your riding ability before riding onto our 150 metre sand Horse Archery run - to put all these techniques together and ride to glory! 
Each step is mastered before we move on - in walk, then in trot, and then into canter for those riders who have mastered the techniques sufficiently and are assessed to be working safely on our horses. 
At lunch time around 1.30pm you are welcome to bring a packed lunch to eat on our beautiful historic premises, or pop to one of the three fantastic pubs for a quick meal (NO alcohol!).  
The afternoon sessions starts with a second ground archery session where we will polish up your basic techniques before moving back onto our horses up on the track and now moving up a gear for those confident too and maybe even have a fun competition towards the end of the session put your new-found skills to the test! 
The course includes complimentary tea, coffee, a wide selection of Twinings herbal teas, bottled water and biscuits. 
All our students are required to wear riding hats and suitable riding footwear. 
Please note: Horseback Archery is a seasonal activity due to loosing good and safe ground conditions heading into the winter months. 
We tend to stop mid to end of October and restart March time - weather depending. 
"Fantastic course. I attended the half day archery and it was a really enjoyable and challenging morning. Great staff and incredible facilities, I want to go again!! Thanks guys :)" AUGUST 2017 
"Just done a full days archery in the sunshine, just an awesome day brain turned to mush 
Load the arrow with precision and windmill arms without looking and fire at targets whilst in a gallop and oh don't forget to stand when you fire  
Stunning venue, fab horses and lovely people and hospitality,think lots of my friends will be coming." MAY 2017 
"Yesterday I travelled to the Centre of Horseback Combat for a full day of horseback archery. I've never held a bow in my hands but ridden most of my life so wasn't sure of what to expect.. Well I probably had THE best day of my life shooting arrows from horseback, such a thrill!! The instructors are patient, kind and fun. I would recommend this to anyone, horse rider or not, they cater to all abilities. I hope to come back and do it all again! thank you Karl, Beth and Crystal (and of course Niagara and Bullseye!)" AUGUST 2016 
"Thanks for the great horse archery training day today where we took extra time to focus on our horse skills. The combination of work on Nellie and on the lunge to improve our balance and independent seat really got me moving and thinking about how I could practice the exercises at home. Once we were mounted I felt a big difference when revisiting the exercises from the Advanced weekend with the Mikaels -more confidence staying up above the saddle and taking those offside and backwards shots. It was a great reminder that improving our horse archery depends on honing our riding skills, not just our aim!" Cathey, Advanced Day - SEPT 2016 
"Excellent instruction in mounted archery. Very clear coaching for all levels of rider or archer, lovely horses. Great place. Thank you, Karl & Zana!" JUNE 2016 
"I had an awesome day trying horse archery, the horses were immaculate and the staff are all very knowledgeable and extremely helpful." SEPT 2015 
"I have had the BEST two days ever, doing the 1/2 day introduction to Trick Riding and a full day of Archery on Horseback. 
Stunning setting, fun, friendly and the most amazing instructors in Zana and Karl you could possibly wish for! The horses are fabulous and so calm and really know their job! Huge thank you to everyone there! I will be booking more soon!!!! 
I can't keep saying how impressed I was, but I would urge anyone (horse experience or not!) to have a go! It's exhilarating and an experience you will never forget!" AUGUST 2015 

 2018 dates to be listed from mid January 2018   





Sunday 8th -Now Full 
Wednesday 25th -Spaces Available 
Saturday 28th - Now Full 


Saturday 12th - Now Full 
Sunday 20th - Now Full 
Tuesday 22nd -Spaces Available 


Sat/Sun 2/3rd -2 day Beginners to Horse Archery camping course - Spaces Available. Click here for info 
Thursday 7th -Spaces Available 
Saturday 16th -Now Full 
Saturday 23rd - Now Full  


Wednesday 4th - Spaces Available 
Sunday 8th - Now Full 


Thursday 16th - Spaces Available 
Saturday 18th - Spaces Available 
Tuesday 21st - Spaces Available 
Thursday 30th - Spaces Available 


Saturday 1st - Spaces Available 
Tuesday 4th - Spaces Available 


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