RIDER CONFIDENCE COURSE - Check out our New Rider Confidence Facebook page!  This is a course with a difference, sports hypnotherapy combined with practical arena sessions that really work. Scroll down for course content!  

In our Rider Confidence course we offer a unique combination of techniques, activities and approaches to eliminate fear and stress, and enable you to move up to the next level and beyond. Taught in a small friendly group learn how to deal with a fall, rear, losing your seat, bolting, bucking, horses falling/slipping over and general safety and confidence issues all in one day! 
The ONLY course in the U.K, possibly the world to be able to offer all this. 
Did this course the end of may. Last weekend I did my first solo hack in 13 years thank you xx 
"Massive thanks to wonderful Zana&Karl, Mary, Freddy and your amazingly patient and clever horses, it was a pleasure to meet you and one of the best days of my life! I thoroughly enjoyed the horse confidence course, learnt loads, met lovely people and left with totally different mindset. I really didn’t want this day to end 😍 I’m absolutely buzzing and can’t stop smiling 😃 Thank you for all your time, advice and for doing what you’re doing!" September 2018 
"After participating in the confidence course with Karl and Zana I have done things with my pony that I never thought I'd do again, we have hacked, alone and in company, I have ridden in the school and I've even ridden bareback! We have jumped ditches and logs in the woods. I have been able to deal with my ponys foibles calmly and confidently (napping, spooking and the odd buck) so if you are toying with the idea of booking I would definatly recommend it! Thank you Karl and Zana!"  
Danielle - Oct 2017 
Brilliant course on Thursday, well worth the trip over from Ireland. I will recommend it to all my friends. Thanks guys, great fun. 
"I had the BEST day! It was such FUN!!!! It was soooo useful to be given the tools to use for that ' oh dear' moment!!! With this new knowledge I am adjusting my practice and equipment, and carrying out some additional desensitisation to help my ponies cope in any tricky situation! Yay!!!! what next???? Thank you so much!" 
Jill - Sept 2016 


We usually run at least two courses every month, except December. 
This course fills up fast so to secure your place call 01442 462715 to make payment.  
We accept credit or debit card payments over the phone. 
Price : £277 per person - One full day course. 
10.30am- 5.30pm approx. 
Small groups of max 8 people 
SPECIAL 2 DAY COURSE NOW AVAILABLE after last years success! 
This will be on the weekend of June 9th/10th 2018 
Sunday 28th - Now Full 
Saturday 10th - Now Full 
Sunday 18th - Now Full 
Sunday 25th -Now Full 
Wednesday 7th - Now Full 
Saturday 10th -Now Full 
Sunday 18th -Now Full 
Saturday 24th -Now Full 
Saturday 31st -Now Full 
Easter Monday 2nd - Spaces Available 
Wednesday 4th -Now Full 
Saturday 7th -Now Full 
Wednesday 11th - Now Full 
Wednesday 2nd -Now Full 
Wednesday 9th - Now Full 
Wednesday 16th -Now Full 
Wednesday 23rd - 1 Space Available 
Wednesday 30th - 1 Space Available 
SPECIAL 2 DAY COURSE -£480 - NOW AVAILABLE after last years success! 
Sat/Sun - June 9th/10th 2018 - Now Full 
Sunday 24th -1 Space available 
Wednesday 27th - Now Full 
Wednesday 11th - Now Full 
Saturday 28th - Now Full 
Wednesday 1st -Now Full 
Wednesday 8th - Spaces Available 
Sunday 19th - 1 Space Available 
Wednesday 22nd -Now Full 
Wednesday 12th -Now Full 
Sunday 16th - Now Full 
Wednesday 26th -Now Full 
Wednesday 24th - Spaces Available - Date change -now Thurs 25th Oct  
Sunday 28th -Spaces Available 
Sunday 4th - 2 Spaces Available 
Sunday 25th - Spaces Available 
New dates are listed as each course fills up, we aim to run around 2-3 courses per month on both weekday and weekend dates. 
We run every month except December.  
Watch this space for updates! 
Gift Vouchers are available now from our Gift Vouchers page, click here. 


Age Limits: 14 yrs and over, no upper limit, but currently our oldest client has been 75yrs and completed the whole course with gusto, what an inspiration! 
Please contact us to discuss the suitability of the course for you if you have concerns.  
Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult due to the hypnotherapy part of the day. 
Numbers: The nature of this course demands our full attention on our clients, so we must limit numbers per group to a max of eight persons. 
Weight and Fitness: Horses used are around 15hh to 15.2hh. 
Please inform us of any injuries that may affect you on the day. You will need to be fairly fit to get the most out of this course, but also to ride horses at all. 
We give a weight limit of 16 stone - however 16 stone sports people are very different to 16 stone couch potatoes! - We do have a tall mounting block you can use).  
Remember we will be climbing on and around the wooden horses and crash mats, etc. 
If you are worried about your fitness level please give us a ring or email to discuss this with us. 
We regret spectators are not allowed on this course due to its personal nature, there is no exception to this 
Check out our new Rider Confidence page on Facebook for videos and useful tips and advice all aimed at postive thinking and horsemanship.

 course content  

What can I expect on the course? 
We begin with a classroom session on the brain, and how our expectations lead to either primitive or intellectual responses to challenges. There is a detailed description of the day's activities, so that every exercise is broken down into bite-sized parts and each bite-sized part is fully demonstrated beforehand. The physical exercises in the arena are entirely voluntary - but lots of fun. (There is a lot of laughing throughout the day!) The morning activities will be devoted to experiencing and dealing with rearing, and then we'll turn our attention to issues concerning balance and posture. Over the course of the day we will cover: 
The Unimportance of a Correct Seat 
Use our horses special talents to learn how to regain balance without any fuss, fear or bother. It's a strange opposition that the better a rider's seat and posture, the more they are thrown when that support is temporarily lost. Using our special saddles, you will not only lose your seat, but move completely out of the saddle and back in whilst on the move! And of course you will fix the experience in your mind that losing your seat is not the end of the ride and can become entirely normal and be dealt with calmly. 
We will also look at sharpening your reaction times and removing that dreaded 'brain freeze' moment. 
Our horses are trained to rear on command, so we are able to offer the experience of acclimatising and familiarising our minds and bodies to a rear, and practice staying in our intellectual brains in order to take action. We will cover what to do (and what not to do), as well as how to school a horse to not rear in the first place. 
After lunch the falling rider section will cover how to fall from the saddle as the professionals do to keep you safe from harm. We begin with discussion and analysis of avoiding the commonest mistakes, then we head out to the arena for step by step instruction, gradually leading through the techniques we have used through years of experience. Using crash mats and our wooden horse to teach you a safe technique to prevent injuries and raise confidence levels. We also take a look at what we can do should our horses fall with us on board. 
Karl is a qualified Sports Hypnotherapist, and one unbeatable Rider Confidence hypnosis session is included in the course. His methods can easily show how what we once perceived as being our limits, of our personality, our skills and abilities, are actually stepping stones - necessary stepping stones - to be harnessed and used for even greater success! 
At the end of the day you will return home possessing the tools, skills and experiences to banish limiting fears and ride joyfully into a fantastic future for you and your horse! 

 is this course for you?  

Do you want to take your riding to the next level?.... 
The excitement of horses is a passion in the blood, but does your nervousness hold you back at all? 
Are rides spoiled at the thought of bucking, rearing, napping or jumping? Or would you just like to have that 'edge' to take your riding up to the next level? 
Do you know what to do when a situation arises? 
People often find that they reach a "plateau" in their riding or sporting achievements - a barrier which seems to be the extent of their courage, skills, personality or abilities. These ceilings can be at any level, from getting out on a hack, to breaking into a canter, or in facing drops, banks and ditches at top level competition. 
We will provide a program of familiarisation - rearing, falling, balancing and re-balancing on the move, and even including falling horses - along with considering alternative saddles other than the common English Easy-out! 
Our horses are trained to rear on command, to fall when asked and to support balanced and unbalanced riders - a set of abilities that YOU can use to build your experiences and confidence in a safe environment. 
NO other facility can offer such a unique package to transform your capabilities and confidence - leading to horse-riding success, whatever your age and discipline! 


"I took the rider confidence course on Wednesday 20th April with clear objectives. On Saturday 23rd April I was entered into the Silver Spur (a steeplechase of 2.5 miles over 20 hedges and 3 open ditches, in a field of 32 horses with an extremely high fall rate) and I needed to control my butterflies and wanted experience with falling so that I could ride boldly and fast into the fences with confidence. 
The course was fantastic, Karl and Zana are both excellent instructors and I drove home from the course grinning at the prospect of the adventure I would have on my horse Claude. 
On the day of the race I was calm and collected and quietly confident, I knew that myself and my horse were as fit as we could be, had been training for a long while and the butterflies had gone - from just hoping I would get round I knew that I would ride hard and was truly in it to win it, If I did come off, no big deal I now had the tools to cope. 
Claude was amazing and flew the hedges and I was smiling with exhilaration, then unfortunately a horse went down in front of me so I gave Claude a huge kick and he extended to jump the horse as well, as he did so I felt a tremor go through him and knew something was wrong. Thanks to the training from Karl and Zana I did not panic, as he started to fall on landing, which would have been disastrous for him, me and the 20 or so horses behind me I kicked and kicked and rode him back up again and out of the field. Unfortunately I was now heading for the spectators and it was clear we were on borrowed time. Still not panicking I was able to yell for the spectators to scatter and call out for the vet whilst bailing out from my collapsing horse! On the ground and unhurt I was able to leap up and attend to my horse who had suffered a pulmonary embolism, dramatic but not necessarily fatal. Thankfully Claude is fine thanks to everyone's swift action. 
No one could have scripted what happened to me on 23rd April but everybody was amazed by how calm and fast thinking I was and that is thanks to Karl and Zana. Taking the rider confidence course was the best thing I ever did and ensured that a situation that had the potential to be breathtakingly disastrous is instead a dramatic anecdote with happy smiles at the end! 
I am recommending this course to everyone that I ride with, best money I have ever spent. 
The Countess of Denbigh (Suzy)" 
April 2016 
"Absolutely fantastic day at the centre ..Carl and Zana and the team not forgetting the amazing horses make you feel so welcome . Not only do you learn a practical.skills set but you have FUN !!!! the hypnosis session was absolutely fantastic as well .. I feel the most confident I've felt since being a teenager .. Feeling so good I want to go back and learn stunt riding !!!!!" 
Kelly - Aug 2017  
"I had the BEST day! It was such FUN!!!! It was soooo useful to be given the tools to use for that ' oh dear' moment!!! With this new knowledge I am adjusting my practice and equipment, and carrying out some additional desensitisation to help my ponies cope in any tricky situation! Yay!!!! what next???? Thank you so much!" 
Jill Sept 2016 
"I just wanted to write and thank you for your excellent Rider Confidence Course on Saturday. I thought it was unique, inspirational and brilliant, applicable to any level of rider and indeed much of he content to all walks of life, not just horses. I took my horse cross country schooling on Monday and have decided that I am best to go into every fence repeating "we can, we can, we can, we can" from 4 strides out, instead of my usual "can we, can we, can we?". 
"I would highly recommend this course to pretty much any level of rider and, in fact, I think I might even like to re-take it some day. 
I hope your hand heals quickly. Your horses and beautiful yard are a credit to you. I also learnt some excellent tips for further training my own horse." 
Best wishes, Sam Davis August 2016 
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Rider Confidence course, probably the best investment I have made in a long time. I went to riding camp the following week which I was a little bit nervous about as last year due to the excitement I came off my horse in the first 5 minutes. 
This year there were over 90 horses and ponies, tents flapping in the wind, children, dogs etc and yes the horses were a bit excitable on the first day. Oscar my 16.3 warmblood spooked a few times and reared (which despite the odd bronc he has never done before) But I just calmly held on and gave the reins and can honestly say it didn't phase me in the slightest. The instructor even commented on how much more relaxed I was and the improvement in my riding position. The rest of the week passed by uneventfully which I believe was due to me not resuming my old vice like grip on the reins when he had previously made me feel insecure. 
I can't recommend this course enough." 
Aug 2014 
"On Sunday, my horse reared. Thanks to the skills you shared on the rider confidence course I sat out the first rear. A short while after he reared again, only this time due to the boggy conditions underfoot in a ploughed field, he lost his balance and toppled backwards with me still mounted. The friends I was hacking out with were horrified and felt helpless as they watched. Somehow, the drills you taught became second nature - I managed to keep my seat until the last moment when I knew which way he was falling to slip my stirrups, let go of his mane and push clear. I ended up with him landing and rolling onto my lower leg and was able to scramble clear as he got up. 
I can't say thank you enough. I didn't panic and it seems as if what you planted in my brain instinctively kicked in. I credit you guys for the reason why, other than a little bit of whiplash, I am fine and in one piece. Best of all, so is my horse, who patiently waited for me to get up and walked home with me looking so upset and rubbing his face against me as if to say sorry! Fortunately we have identified the reason for him behaving so out of character - which has been resolved - and I am back in the saddle with no loss of confidence! 
Here's a photo of the saddle - as you can see we were fortunate to be on a track the side of a ploughed field at the time. I have no hesitation in recommending your course - I had never thought I would be in the position I was this weekend and firmly believe all riders should attend and benefit from your course. 
Thank you so very much. 
Jan 2016 
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