HALF DAY HORSEBACK ARCHERY COURSE £99 per person (all equipment is included in this price) Morning session times 10.30am - 1.30pm.  Afternoon session times 2.30pm - 5.30pm. Please arive 15 mins beforehand to fill in a registration form 

Come and join us for an introduction to your challenge - in a half day course you will get to grips with the techniques of Horseback Archery in a ground session on our range, learning to shoot a horsebow in the traditional style - the thumb draw, blind nocking, nocking on the move, speed nocking and loosing. Then it’s off to meet your warhorses on our 150 metre sand Horse Archery run - to put all these techniques together and ride to glory! 
Each step is mastered before we move on - in walk, then in trot, then canter if you are a capable and confident rider and have picked up the archery technique and have been assessed to be safe to shoot at canter from our horses. 
You will work as an individual up on the track and progressed up through the paces if you are assessed to be safe with the weapons and have mastered the basic technique of shooting from horseback before moving up a gear. 
This course is suitable for beginners to the sport of Horseback Archery and we can take novice riders up to advanced riders, we have horses to suit all. Sorry no non riders. 
The course includes complimentary tea, coffee, a wide selection of Twinings herbal teas, spring water and biscuits. 
All our students are required to wear riding hats and riding boots. 
Please note: Horseback Archery is a seasonal activity as we require good, safe & dry ground conditions to work on especially when riding with weapons. 
We tend to stop mid to end of October and restart March time - weather depending. 

2017 dates  

All dates listed are suitable for beginners to Horse Archery 




Sunday 2nd 
Sunday 9th 
Tuesday 11th 
Thursday 27th 


Thursday 4th 
Saturday 13th 
Thursday 25th 
Sunday 21st - afternoon session only 
Saturday May 27th  


Sunday 4th Now Full 
Thurs 15th 
Thurs 22nd 
June 9/10th 2017 N.H.A.S Open National Horse Archery Championships held here 
June 17/18th Beginners to Horse Archery camp 


Thursday 6th - Now Full 
Saturday 8th - Morning only spaces 
Tuesday 25th - 1 Space Available 


Tuesday 1st-1 Space Available 
Thurs 17th-Now Full 
Tues 22nd - A.M Now Full/P.M Spaces  


Tuesday 5th -Spaces Available 
Tuesday 12th -pm only -Spaces Available 
Saturday 23rd-Now Full 
Thursday 28th -Now Full 

OCTOBER  Thursday 12th - Spaces Available Saturday 14th - Now Full  Please note: We need safe & dry ground conditions to run activities with weapons and Horse Archery takes place on a 120m outdoor track. We may run more October dates if the weather gods are with us! Watch this space.     

Please see our Q&A page for payment details and T&Cs