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Equestrian Sports COMPETITION 2017  NEWS -August 30th and 31st - International Equestrian Sports Competition! Cross Country Course, Horse Archery, Dzhigitovka and Tent Pegging Categories Teams from Poland, Russia, Germany, and of course Britain will be competing to find the ultimate equestrian sportsman.   Spectators are welcome, and applications remain open until August 2oth, so apply and bring your team here!   This year we are hosting 2 Horse Archery competitions here at the centre. Our Open National Championships will take place on June 10/11th 2017 and our Open International Championships on August 5/6th 2017 where we welcome up to 3 competitors from a country to compete here against Team GB selected from the highest scorers in our National Champs. We will have some trained horses for hire and competitors, own trained horses welcome and we can advise on insurance for your horse and help with training. Please call or email to register your interest, N.H.A.S members receive priority entry. Tel: 01442 462715 Email: 


natural born winners bbc2 episode 4 horseback archery 

Who saw us on BBC2, April 24th, on Natural Born Winners teaching the guys Horse Archery here at the centre before they headed to Japan to try Yabusame? 
Well done to them all and especially James Toseland and Iwan Thomas for getting on the horses and shooting! 

Moscow trip 2016 - 2017 

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We will be back competing in Moscow with Team GB in July 2017 
History in the making.......Karl and I were honoured to have been invited to Moscow, Russia on Feb 10-15th 2016 to be the only UK delegates in a conference to set up the first ever International Equestrian Federation for Dzhigitovka. 
This is Cossack trick riding and weapons skills from horseback performed in competitions in Russia for the last 10 years. 
International competitors for the first time will now be to welcome to compete in this amazing traditional Cossack discipline. 
We were invited to bring over a UK team to compete near Moscow in July 2016 and 2017. 
Our riders needed to execute perfect trick riding tricks and be timed on a track and scored but also compete with a Shashka sabre showing cutting skills, shooting off horseback with a bow and revolver, throw knives from horseback and lance skills. 
We were delighted to bring home a silver medal in Horse Archery and a third place overall. 

 Wocket Woy Lends a Hand   

  Before our trip to compete in Russia, we asked the internet's horse riding expert to pop along and give us some last minute instruction......... it. 

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live horse event 

We were very excited to have appeared in the main arena at last years Your Horse Live event at Stoneleigh park. 

sega games 

We have just worked on a fun trailer for Sega and Creative Assembly for their new Total War game, Attila, providing horses, riders and location and lots of Horse Archery action! Take a look! 

horse and hound 

Check out 'Horse and Hound' magazine when they came to learn Trick riding! 

nfu countryside 

We are proud to be featured in the NFU Countryside magazine - Check it out now! 

tatler magazine 

We were also proud to provide our super horses and location for Tatler magazine. 
Jupiter, Luminoso and Castizo our Andalucians were all featured in a 12 page fashion shoot. 
Oscar our Irish sports horse was also featured in the magazine. 

horse archery competition news 

Open Horse Archery championships here! 
The first ever International Horse Archery Championships, were held here at the centre - Sweden v GB - June 1st and 2nd 2013. 
We were proud to host the second International Horse Archery match here between team Holland and team GB on May 24/25th 2014 and we were pleased to announce team GB took victory over the weekend. Well done to all that competed. 
Later on in the year we also hosted the International series final match between team GB, Sweden, Poland and Finland on Sept 20/21st 2014. 
Well done to Poland for winning gold with team GB a close second. 

other horse news 

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The centre provides trained stunt horses for film and T.V. from flashy Andalusians to stunning black Friesians. Our horses can rear, jump through fire, lay down, bow, used to smoke, battle scenes with weapons and are used to working with cameras and equipment. 
We are insured for filming work. See website below for more info. 

flexi ride arena 

We are proud to have been supported by Equestrian Direct Ltd and now have a new Flexi-Ride arena surface in the arena. 
Flexiride™Product Overview 
Flexiride™ is the recognised all-in-one surface. We believe it to be the most economical and versatile surface available on the market to date. 

bricks trailer release 

Bricks' The novel by Leon Jenner is out now. 
It was filmed in East Sussex starring Karl Greenwood and Freya Trueman. 

this year really got the press buzzing! 

The Sunday Telegraph sent a reporter to the Centre to come and try Tudor Jousting in a full Tudor Harness for the DVD release of 'The Tudors'. 

doctor who tour 

Karl Greenwood finished working with the BBC on Doctor Who Live 'The Monsters Are Coming!' tour playing a Cyberman, Ood, Scarecrow, Judoon and a Winder and the show was a great success! 
Now he's back training horses here at the Centre. 

we're on TV! 

Also seen on BBC 1 Breakfast programme with Mike Bushell coming and having a go at Horseback Archery and now featured in his book, Bushell's best bits.