Trick Riding lessons   Training centre for the British Dzhigitovka Equestrian Association. The only centre in the UK affiliated to The International Equestrian Dzhigitovka Federation - IEDF - based in Russia.  We offer top quality Cossack Trick riding lessons in true Cossack style. We are honoured to sit on the committee of the IEDF.  

With a background in dance, performance, gymnastics and fitness and over 15 years working trick riding experience plus a passion for this discipline we understand how to teach true correct styles. 
The team have competed at the World Championships in Moscow in 2016 and 2017 and now work alongside Russian Dzhigits to throughly understand correct and safe techniques.  
Cossack Trick Riding requires good upper body and core muscle strength and good flexibility. 
We teach students safely with a selection of trained, safe horses and move you forwards with a programme to learn at a suitable pace for you. 

Trick Riding - Lesson structure  

After a warm up and conditioning exercises we move onto some stretches and then look at various static vaults onto the Cossack saddle on our wooden horse. By using our wooden horse we can teach you the basics safely and gain confidence before moving onto a real moving horse. 
A wooden horse doesn't mind a few kicks to the head - my horses do! 
Learning then progresses onto the lunge in a circle where we can try tricks with movement and in control and work through the paces always starting at a walk. 
After a session we always finish with a cool down and stretch. 
Our instructors will also demonstrate some tricks from the basic starting ones to more advanced tricks to give you an idea of what's achievable. 
The lessons take place in an arena on our brand new Flexi-ride surface with thanks to Equestrian Direct Ltd. 
Complimentary hot/cold drinks included. 
Hats must be worn for lessons. 
Prices: £60 per person per hour 
Please note that a strong gymnastic, athletic, dance or otherwise physical background is essential to trick ride well and safely.  
You need to be able to work with straight legs and pointed toes at all times, wether you are male or female. 
You will be asked to supply videos or photos to support your application for lessons and allow us to assess your suitability.  
We do not want to waste our horses time, your time or our time. 
We do not offer lessons for something different to try or as a experience day type activity  
We train people to the highest standard in this skill and are always looking for strong, fit people to maybe join the team. 

Roman Riding lessons  Roman Riding lessons are offered on an as and when basis, this is an hourly session when we and you have availability, so no set dates.  Please email or call to discuss options and suitability. This is suited for students wanting to take this skill to a more serious level or perfomance level, it is not an experience day type activity.   

Roman Riding is taught on a one to one or two to one basis at £60 per hour. Over 16yrs only. 
Payment in advance by debit or credit card over the phone or by bank transfer.